Candy Corn (October 31, 2021)

The Candy Corn cocktail is garnished with candy corns to look like a crown.

Back by Popular Demand! Like the Killer Clown, I made this Halloween cocktail last year for a party, and was asked to reprise it. Desired Improvements I wanted to improve on last year, though. My first area to focus on was trying to create a better separation between the orange and yellow layers, so that…

The White Hen Pantry

Pabu eyes the dog-friendly White Hen Pantry cocktail.

If there were a category for “Something Only a Dog Could Love” – this would be it, folks. We keep chicken broth for Pabu’s food, and it was starting to turn a little bit. Not enough that a dog’s stomach couldn’t handle it, but enough to let us know to hurry it out of the…

Flor de Sevilla Gin and Tonic

The Flor de Sevilla Gin and Tonic has a slight orange color.

Pandemic Pub here – coming to you from the road, with masks on! With the hot weather here in California, we’ve been making the most of tropical drinks like our family of Mai Tais. By adding one ingredient, and one word, to the cocktail every night, we’ve created an empire. Today, we decided to switch…

Pooch Punch on the Porch

Bruno and Whiskey separately drink their dog cocktails!

This road trip has allowed the Pandemic Pub to bring cocktails to more dogs! We love it! Here are Bruno and Whiskey, who have been friends of the Pandemic Pub from way back. I’m delighted to finally make them an original Pandemic Pub cocktail. Mark, their dad, advised about their palate and preferences, and together…

Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crowded Crosswalk

This summery-looking cocktail is served in a tall glass with ice.

When we keep adding ingredients, folks, we keep adapting the name! This is another adaptation of the family of Pedestrian Mai Tai cocktails. We added Pineapple Mango juice – an embellishment of the Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crosswalk. That was an embellishment of the Pedestrian Mai Tai. We apologize for the wordplay, but we…

Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crosswalk (Sept 22, 2021)

The Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crosswalk is colorful but not fancy.

This is the second iteration of the Pedestrian Mai in the Crosswalk, and I preferred it to the first one. I learned my lesson yesterday, and this time, I asked my co-bartender to guide me through the steps. This is a more balanced drink without my heavy pouring hand! You can see that it’s also…

Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crosswalk

The Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crosswalk has a deep orange color.

Continuing with the success of the Pedestrian Mai Tai, we bring you the Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crosswalk. It’s only slightly more complicated. Our supplies were limited yesterday, hence the two-ingredient Pedestrian Mai Tai. Today, we went shopping and were able to add an additional juice: tangerine. The drink became sweeter, and more citrusy….