A bottle of Gènèpy des Alpes nestles in a rock crevice with two shot glasses.

Winter Wonderland

Elizabeth and I decided to go snowshoeing this weekend!

It wasn’t totally unexpected that we encountered a couple of adventures in charging the electric car en route, but the hills compounded our challenge because they sapped the electricity more quickly.

Long story short, we didn’t make it to the slopes! After realizing that we didn’t have enough daylight left, we detoured to Snoqualmie Falls, to hike instead of snowshoe.

Parking Lot Picnic

But first – we were hungry and thirsty! Folks, you’ve heard of après-ski? This was après-charge!

When we’d packed our picnic, we imagined a super-charming scenario, in which we daintily ate with snow glinting all around us, our cheeks pink with exertion. The reality is that we shared our cheese sandwich and sipped our Gènèpy des Alpes while standing outside the car in the parking lot of the Salish Lodge.

When I think back to the Before Times, this certainly sounds like something I would have declined to do [she said glibly]. But we all know things are different now, and folks – it was fun! I never want to forget that we also had fun in these crazy times.

We went on a steep hike, looked at the Falls, and enjoyed some Christmas lights.

Gènèpy des Alpes

As for the liquor, Elizabeth inherited it, and it was unknown to us. It’s related to Chartreuse – I taste a much milder version of Green, I think. Some think it’s close to Yellow and I can see that in its color, for sure, though I’ve never tried Yellow Chartreuse. While creating the Hi Babe, I read that Gènèpy des Alpes is considered the quintessential après-ski in Europe, especially in France and Switzerland (which is why we selected it today). It’s made from herbs that grow in the mountainous regions there, and is so ubiquitous that lots of folks harvest the herbs from their property and make their own liqueur with it. Quel charme!

I’ve wanted to use this winter spirit in a wintry ski slope context ever since!

It definitely has a warming taste and feel. There’s a little bit of a pine taste to it, though it’s much mellower and smoother than retsina wine, for example. I love retsina, but I’d say Gènèpy des Alpes is an easier introduction to the idea of drinking pine. Not as much of an acquired taste in this context.

There are more winter après-ski cocktails in our future!


  • 2 oz. Gènèpy des Alpes

  • Parking lot etc are optional


  • Forget the search for electric car charging stations – go straight to the fun part!
  • Toast and enjoy simple pleasures!
Enjoyed on December 12


  1. Elizabeth A DENOMA12/17/2020 | Reply

    Erratum! I actually bought the Gènèpy des Alpes years ago for some now-forgotten recipe.

    • admin12/18/2020 | Reply

      Noted! Consider the above retracted! :)

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