Arthur’s World

Arthur's World is a yellow, rimmed cocktail in a martini glass.

We think we named this drink after a children’s show, but we’re not sure. Elizabeth’s 4 year-old nephew called us and asked for our favorite animal and fruit, “for Arthur’s world”. Of course, we told him, but we were missing the connection. Maybe this is the 90s cartoon, from the earlier books, or maybe this is something else?

For the drink, Elizabeth thought it might be a little “one-note”, I think she called it. It was kind of margarita-esque, though a bit smokier because of the mezcal. The rose water didn’t stand out one way or the other, though you can taste it if you know it’s there.

We ended up with a little left over in the shaker (“the rocks”, as they call it in New Bedford) and decided to make a flavor adjustment when we poured from there. Not a fail, but we might do better, flavor-wise…


  • 3 oz. Mezcal

  • Limes, several

  • Rose water, a little bit, maybe a teaspoon

  • Rim
  • 2 kinds of chili powder

  • salt

  • cinnamon


  • Squeeze juice from limes; combine with liquids in shaker. Shake until satisfied.
  • Rim your glass with the spices – first! – then pour and enjoy.
  • To Arthur!
Enjoyed on January 16, 2021

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