Bloody Mary on a Plane

This Bloody Mary was made with limited ingredients and sipped on a plane.


Folks, this may be controversial, but bear with me here. This is a Bloody Mary that I made myself on an airplane.

Does it belong here in Pandemic Pub? I’m not sure.

Rules Refresher

On the one hand, it celebrates the Pub’s minimalist philosophy. It’s so minimalist, there’s not even a garnish – and you know we love our pretty little cocktails! Many is the time that we’ve made a gorgeous cocktail that was undrinkable!

The real reason I’m including this drink is that I made it myself. I think that alone marks it as Pandemic Pub. I don’t say that proudly, folks, because this was one simple drink. No garnish! No control over ratios! No unexpected substitutions or oddball ingredients!


Here’s some more context: I’m not a person who enjoys flying. In fact, I can be a real baby about it…tears, anxiety, all of that. I didn’t want to travel during the pandemic, but something came up, and I took a flight. At the last minute, they asked for volunteers to upgrade their seat, which I decided to do. This made me feel better about the concentration of people in the cabin and the opportunity to socially distance a little more effectively. Maybe most of all, I hoped that sitting near the front of the plane would allow me to be oblivious to others’ bad behavior, if any. I was really concerned about mask removal, and also the potential for fighting about mask requirements and such.

In the Before Times, I’d flown first class once, and business class only a handful of times, and never on this airline. Everything is a wild card these days, but I remembered being served very nice drinks from a tray. I was looking forward to that kind of little treat, to distract me from my flying anxiety.

The Cocktail

I had a fairly easy flight, and I have nothing to complain about. But I noticed that the drinks were delivered as a la carte ingredients, not as completed cocktails. And those ingredients weren’t exactly top-shelf: the “lime juice” for my Bloody Mary came as crystals in a squeezable package, like fast food ketchup.

Yes, I assembled my own cocktail, even though I technically paid for it. That’s not normally how we operate over at the Pandemic Pub, but then, nothing is usual anymore these days, is it? It made me appreciate our small efforts to have fun and make things as special as they can be right now.



  • Nip bottle of Vodka

  • Can of Bloody Mary Mix

  • Packet of Lime Juice Crystals


  • Just put everything all together.
  • Pull your mask down and sip.
Tolerated on September 14, 2021

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