Bubbly Dog

The Bubbly Dog is a margarita variation, adapted from the "rocks" of a Nameless Dog.

Folks, we thought we’d be tidy and fair, perhaps even a little ingenious here…we made and drank two Nameless Dogs tonight, but we had a little leftover in the shaker.

I must digress here for a second and say that in New Bedford, Massachusetts, this would never have happened. That’s because they pour out the little extra, and give it to you on the side in a little juice glass with ice. They call it “the rocks”. I’ve never seen that anywhere else. Anyway, we probably should have poured ourselves “the rocks” and had a perfect little accompaniment to the main cocktail.

Of course, we didn’t want to waste the small amount that was left, and we thought it would be nice to share another drink, so the idea was born to use “the rocks” as the basis for a second cocktail.

Because our Nameless Dog was so tasty, we mostly just thought to “extend” it. That seemed to make sense, and since the Nameless is such a lime-heavy drink, we thought of gin and tonics. So, we added a little tonic.

I’m sorry to report that this second drink was not quite right. It was very light, but too light. I don’t need to necessarily “taste” the alcohol to know that it’s there in a cocktail, but this one felt a bit insubstantial, perhaps. We can’t call it a full FAIL because god knows, we’ve done worse at the Pandemic Pub, but it wasn’t among our best, for sure.


  • “The rocks” from our earlier Nameless Dog

  • Tonic – enough to extend to fill a glass

  • Rim: monkfruit, chipotle, salt


  • Use “the rocks” from your earlier cocktail (so as not to be wasteful).
  • Extend with tonic and stir.
  • Rim glass, pour…and that’s it. There’s no there there.
Sipped on September 20

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