Candy Maldonado

The Candy Maldonado is a sweet gin cocktail that incorporates fresh blackberries, sugar and cream.

Candy Maldonado is a (now-retired) baseball player who had a pretty long career with several different major league teams. The Candyman played for two of my favorite teams, The Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants, when I lived in or near both cities, so that was fun for me. I always liked him as a player and person.

He’s the kind of ballplayer who racked up quite a few interesting, even unusual, records and highlights over his career. That’s the mark of longevity and smart play – I love it!

Here are some of his more interesting accomplishments:

  • He hit for the cycle once for the San Francisco Giants. That means that he achieved all of the possible hits – a single, double, triple, and home run – in just one game! It’s exceedingly rare and cool.
  • Candy was the only Giant to hit a triple in the 1989 World Series. This was the World Series, by the way, that was interrupted by a major earthquake along the San Andreas Fault. I was a brand-new college freshman across the Bay at the time.
  • The Candyman consistently hit much better on the road than he did in his home ballparks – 51 points better over his career – which is unusual.
  • Candy was responsible for the first game-winning World Series hit ever hit on foreign soil. As a member of the 1992 Toronto Blue Jays, he singled and drove in the game-winning run in Game 3 of that year’s Series. The game was played in Toronto, in the first World Series appearance by any Canadian team. 
  • He helped the Blue Jays win the World Series that year – the first time a Canadian team had ever done this.
  • In 1994, playing for the Cleveland Indians, Candy scored their first-ever run in their new home, Jacobs Field (which, incidentally, immediately became a prototype for the new-yet-old-fashioned ballpark and changed the way ballparks were conceived from then on). It must have been bedlam there in that moment!
  • Candy has been inducted into the Caribbean Baseball Hall of Fame and the Puerto Rico Baseball Hall of Fame.

That’s a lot for one person, don’t you think?!

I suppose that I truly named the drink after its sweetness. It’s a fun, summery drink – nearly a milkshake, or a sundae – and it looks like a parfait.

I muddled blackberries that we picked, and shook them up with gin. I added cream and voilá – a deliciously fun drink to enjoy while I talked to my family on Zoom!


  • Blackberries

  • 2 oz. Gin

  • 2 tsp or so of Sugar

  • Cream (to fill glass the rest of the way)


  • Muddle a heck of a lot of blackberries that you picked.
  • Add sugar and muddle some more.
  • Add ice to the shaker, as well as gin; shake until satisfied.
  • Pour over ice.
  • Slowly add cream to nearly fill the glass and achieve a layered parfait effect.
  • Enjoy!
Enjoyed on August 14

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