Captain Arthur Hastings

The Captain Arthur Hastings, like the Arthur's World it was based on, is a yellow cocktail, in a martini glass, with a strong rim.

This drink is a sequel to Arthur’s World, which we thought was fine, but perhaps not interesting enough…all light, with no complementary flavor. Elizabeth took what was left in the shaker and added vanilla, and we re-rimmed with a little more salt, in addition to the earlier chili powders, salt and cinnamon.

It was an improvement, yes – just a shade more complex because the dark-sweet taste of the vanilla was a counterpoint to the lightness of everything else.

We named this after another Arthur – Hercule Poirot’s sidekick, Captain Hastings. We’ve been watching lots of Agatha Christie on BritBox – and loving it!



  • Become inspired by a nice-enough, yet somewhat lackluster cocktail like Arthur’s World.
  • Use the leftovers in the shaker as a foundation: ice, liquor, everything is already in there.
  • Add vanilla and shake.
  • Re-rim glasses and pour. Cheers, mon ami!
Enjoyed on January 16, 2021

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