Dirty Martini (December 13)

A dirty gin martini with three specialty olives in a martini glass.

Our affection for a Dirty Martini (gin, as you know) has been well-documented throughout the pandemic. This one was made from the leftovers in the shaker from an earlier night. Bartenders in New Bedford used to call that “the rocks” and served that extra amount on the side in a juice glass, which I’ve not seen anywhere else. Our “rocks” contained so much brine that they froze into a slush in the freezer. We used three specialty olives, filled with garlic and jalapeño. Yum.

We don’t know why, but we both thought this one was extra crisp and tasty!


  • Gin

  • Olive brine (we like quite a bit)

  • Olives to garnish


  • Shake gin and brine in a cocktail shaker until satisfied. Pour, and garnish with olives.
Enjoyed on December 13

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