Dirty Martini (September 19)

A classic Dirty Martini is bright and clear.

Folks, I’m excited to report that for the first time in a long time, we used *green olive* brine in these martinis! Please don’t misunderstand – I loved the taste of the kalamata brine and I’m not going to be fussy over a martini or anything else during this pandemic. But oh, it was so nice to see how crisp and clean and chic-looking these martinis appeared.

Elizabeth really went all-out with these! There is a whisper of vermouth, and the olives are stuffed with Bleu cheese. We took them out to the front porch – our first time outside in over a week because of the smoke from the climate fires.

Clear and crisp was the theme today. We breathed deeply.


  • Gin

  • Clear brine from *green* olives! (a plentiful amount)

  • Dry Vermouth (a whisper)

  • Garnish: green olives stuffed with Bleu cheese


  • Combine gin and vermouth in a shaker; shake until satisfied.
  • Chill glasses; pour; garnish with high-class, gourmet olives.
  • Go outside (where you haven’t been for a week) and marvel at how clear everything looks. Toast to how you can’t smell anything burning, for once.
Enjoyed on September 19

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