Elizabeth’s Homemade Gin and Tonic

This homemade tonic, from chichona bark, adds a bright pink tone to a gin and tonic.

Elizabeth tried her hand at making homemade tonic from Chichona Bark. You can see how different it looks from Mike’s original versions. Carelessly, I didn’t record the details of how and why these tonics from the same ingredients might look and taste so different. They literally shared the bags of bark and citric acid, and Mike even borrowed Elizabeth’s own Aeropress to express the solution through the bark.

You can see that Elizabeth’s is far more pink (which I think is super fun) than amber. I thought the taste was also lighter, or was that a psychological correlation between visual and taste? If you didn’t already know that either of the drinks were gin and tonics, it would be pretty hard to guess by the looks of them.

At any rate, Elizabeth enjoyed this Gin and Tonic at a socially distanced outdoor Happy Hour while I went back to work. Cheers!


  • Homemade Pink Tonic

  • Gin

  • Limes


  • Add about equal amounts of gin and tonic to an ice-filled glass.
  • Squeeze several lime wedges (to taste), then garnish with a lime wedge.
  • Give a light stir and enjoy!
Enjoyed on August 18

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