End Times

The End Times is served in a lowball glass, with ice and a cherry garnish.

The End Times is a variation on a Manhattan (generally, that’s a whiskey, sugar, and bitters). I’m sorry to say that it didn’t work, but pleased to report that it depleted two bottles from the liquor cabinet! (They were nip bottles – Wild Turkey and Jim Beam – but still!!!)

I used all the ingredients below, except the vanilla, in the first version. It tasted terrible, so I added a tiny splash of vanilla extract. It was still terrible.

On a day that tastes, and smells, and looks like smoke (due to our climate fires here in Washington)…during a pandemic…on the anniversary of another frightful day (September 11)…this was a FAIL of the first order.

I lamented the FAIL to Elizabeth, sending a photo of the two nip bottles, with the following notation: “This is what’s in it; I should’ve known better”.

Her reply: “Oh dear”.


  • 2 nip bottles Whiskey

  • 4 Sugar Cubes

  • Couple of splashes of Cold Brew Concentrate Coffee

  • Couple of dashes of Bitters

  • Small splash of cherry “brine” from jar of amaro cherries

  • Tiny Splash of Vanilla Extract

  • Amaro Cherry for garnish


  • Muddle all ingredients, except Whiskey, Amaro Cherry, and Vanilla Extract.
  • Add ice and Whiskey, and shake until satisfied.
  • Pour over ice and garnish with an Amaro Cherry.
  • You can choose to add Vanilla at this point, but I’ll save you some trouble: it won’t help!
  • Consider your options while rejoicing over using up two bottles.
FAILED on September 11

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