A Fermentini is a martini made with pickle brine and garnished with pickles.

The Fermentini is a pickle martini, that is, a dirty martini made with pickle juice, and garnished with pickles.

(Please never ask what kind of alcohol is in my martinis. Gin. The answer is always gin. Although, I certainly recognize the irony of taking this traditional stance, in the same breath as saying that I add pickles to it. Rules can be a complicated thing, and you can read the rest of the Pandemic Pub Rules here).

I made these pickles at home, but they’ve really reached the end of their life here; you can see how formless they’ve become, and they were certainly a bit squishy when I added them to the drink. This was more a case of cleaning out the fridge of old pickles, than cleaning out the liquor cabinet of old bottles.

Side note: this is a drink for one that I made myself when I went home to do laundry. In the kind of story that will go in a pandemic time capsule, I am in the habit of taking all of the laundry in Elizabeth’s house, every two or three weeks, back to my own house in Tacoma. I do about eight or nine loads of laundry, then leave again to rejoin the Quaranteam in Seattle. This is because there is currently no other laundry facility available to us that isn’t a public laundromat, which we’ve decided to avoid during the pandemic.

All of this is a long way of saying – you can see what I get up to when left to my own devices…this drink shouldn’t have made it through quality control!


  • 3 oz gin

  • Pickle brine to taste

  • Pickles


  • Shake gin and brine in a cocktail shaker with ice, until satisfied.
  • Pour into a martini glass, preferably chilled.
  • Cheers!
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