Gin and Tonic (September 10, 2021)

Two gin and tonics, along with dishes of Indian food on a tablecloth, are viewed from above.

Fall is around the corner. We suspected this might be one of our last chances to enjoy the summery chill of a nice, cold Gin and Tonic. There was tonic water left in the fridge, along with plenty of limes. We thought it would taste delicious with Indian food too, so we went all out.

The food and the mango lassi in the photo are the stars of this photo, but don’t be fooled. Our cocktails were delicious and we enjoyed every sip. We also reminisced about our trip to Jaipur. It happened just as the pandemic was starting to break out, but hadn’t reached full awareness yet in the US. In fact, we first heard the words “COVID-19” while we were in India.

Someday, we’ll travel freely again, but for now, Pandemic Pub is bringing cocktails of the world to a pub near you…especially if your nearest pub is your own kitchen!


  • Gin

  • Tonic Water

  • Limes


  • Fill glasses with ice. Pour gin about halfway; top off with tonic water.
  • Squeeze at least 3 lime wedges into each drink, and drop the “used” wedge in too.
  • Toast past and future travel!
Enjoyed on September 10, 2021

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