Heat Wave Gin and Tonic

A classic gin and tonic sits on a porch rail, next to a can of tonic water.

Folks, this one gets a fun name, but there’s nothing unusual about this gin and tonic – except for the temperature outside.

Seattle had its second major heat wave, but this one was nothing compared to the one last month. Thankfully, we only made it to the mid-90s this time (but that’s still a lot for us; we’re used to cooler weather and AC is rare here), and it was OK.

We always enjoy cooling down with a gin and tonic in the summer. They’re perfectly light and bright when the air itself feels like too much.

Stay cool!


  • Gin

  • Tonic Water

  • Limes


  • Fill a tall glass with ice; pour gin about halfway, then finish with tonic water.
  • Squeeze several lime wedges; drop the wedge into the drink. Stir with a knife (to get around the ice cubes).
  • Enjoy! If it’s really hot out, don’t move too much, or think too deeply. Just enjoy.
Enjoyed on August 11, 2021

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