Homemade Gin and Tonic (August 3)

Homemade tonic gives a gin and tonic a more amber color.

This is a smaller version of yesterday’s Homemade Gin and Tonic. I was wrapping up a trip home to do laundry, but I made time for one little cocktail to celebrate this day on the calendar.

It used to be an important day for me, but post-divorce, it became a really tough day. That no longer feels like the case, and I wanted to sit quietly and acknowledge that to the universe. So I poured from the little jar of Mike’s homemade tonic that Elizabeth had packed for me to take to Tacoma, mixed up the drink and brought it onto my porch.

The day was gorgeous, as you can see in the photo, and I sat and looked around, very pleased. I thought about all the fun I have now that I wasn’t having when I was married. In the midst of all the emotional heavy-lifting, you don’t necessarily believe you’ll reach this point. But here we are. Cheers!


  • Gin

  • Homemade tonic, about equal amount

  • Limes


  • Pour roughly equal amounts of gin and tonic into a glass with ice.
  • Squeeze a wedge or so of lime, then stir.
  • Toast to current, wonderful circumstances and enjoy!
Enjoyed on August 3

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