The Ketorita is a variation on a Margarita that contains tequila, limes and lime juice, with a rim of salt and chipotle.

We’ve been experimenting with various exercise and nutritional tips during the pandemic; it’s been far too easy to fall out of good habits because one variation can send everything to hell…this encompasses everything from the atmospheric (heavy rain, smoke from climate fires) to the physical (children home from school who need attention and structure) to the existential (“Is one day going to matter?” she asked glibly. For the third week in a row…)

One thing we’ve been working on is limiting our carbohydrate intake (what a weird thing to say in a blog about cocktails, right?!).

This cocktail is a variant on a margarita. In fact, it’s a variant on an earlier variant of the margarita that we called “The Nameless Dog”. We bring in the “keto” reference in the title because this drink officially (we think) has zero carbs in it, because there is no sugar in the rim this time. (Tee hee).


  • White Tequila

  • Limes

  • Rim
  • Salt

  • Chipotle


  • Squeeze limes into cocktail shaker; add tequila and ice, and shake until satisfied.
  • Mix salt and chipotle together (ratio is to your taste).
  • Wet rim of glass with lime wedge, then dip glass into salt mixture. Don’t forget to rim the glass before actually pouring the drink (Maura forgets this one more frequently than she’d like to admit).
  • Garnish with limes.
Enjoyed on May 20

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