More Gifts from Pub Fans!

Mixers for pandemic cocktails include cherry juice and a homemade watermelon juice!

Over here at the Pandemic Pub, we were very thankful to receive more gifts that will enhance our cocktail creation efforts!!!

We are very happy to have these mixers in our arsenal now – a tart cherry juice, and a homemade watermelon juice! I used to drink quite a bit of tart cherry juice, which is great in fighting inflammation, and I’m happy to have the chance to taste it in a more fun context now, rather than a medicinal one. And the watermelon will bring us back to summertime for sure!!

I also want to acknowledge that this gift also included a very delicious batch of homemade candied nuts, which were candied and salted in the most amazing way! The only reason you don’t see them here…is because I ate them before I took this picture (she trailed off quietly).

Thank you, Amanda, for your support of the Pandemic Pub, and for keeping the fun going!!!

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