The Nameless Dog (May 22)

The Nameless Dog is a tequila cocktail, with lime and lemon juices, and a rim of salt, sugar and chipotle.

We liked The Nameless Dog so much – especially the rim, which is truly special – that we got on a kick with it for a while!

In fact, it spawned a cottage industry of rims. Rims for every drink! This might be a little embarrassing, but we even starting putting rims on martinis (just a couple of times).


  • Silver Tequila, approx 4 oz.

  • Lime juices, approx 2 oz.

  • Rim
  • Salt

  • Sugar

  • Chipotle


  • Shake tequila and fresh-squeezed juices in a cocktail shaker.
  • Wet edge of glass with a lime wedge, then dip into salt, sugar, chipotle mixture. Don’t forget to do this before you pour (Maura often forgets!)
  • Pour the drink into the rimmed glass and enjoy!
Enjoyed on May 22

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