The Nameless Dog (May 13)

A Nameless Dog cocktail is a variation on a margarita, in a martini glass, with a chipotle rim.

What’s in a name? That which we call a Margarita by any other name would taste as sweet…

– Shakespeare, Elizabeth, Maura

In this age of Zoom calls, we’re all going to meetings across town, across the country, even around the world sometimes, with just a few minutes in between. On this night, I attended a MeetUp “in” Seattle, for WordPress developers, and Elizabeth was kind enough to make me a cocktail to take with me, since the call spanned happy hour, dinner, and into the evening.

I was excited to see that the facilitator of our group had gotten a new puppy that day! It was adorably eager and insistent, climbing all over the new dad’s head, neck, and shoulders. Ryan did a great job of juggling the conversation, occasionally sipping his own drink (a beer, as I recall) and stretching his neck and/or arms out of the way of the clambering puppy as he balanced everything and stayed remarkably on point. I would’ve loved a bit of conversation about the new puppy but we had a busy agenda, especially with a new WordPress release to discuss (the bugs, tips, experiences, expressions of thanks, prayers…)

We never did learn the puppy’s name because every time I moved to Unmute myself and ask, someone else had already stepped into the void with another thought on the new release (an additional tip, experience, or expression of thanks or a prayer).

The puppy’s name is a mystery to this day, but the spirit of that playful summer evening lives on!

This is a nice, bright, summery cocktail. It’s essentially a margarita, with tequila only, an abundance of lime juice, and a very souped-up rim. Elizabeth loves a citrusy cocktail, so the more limes the better for this one.


  • Silver Tequila

  • Limes, lots of limes

  • Rim
  • Salt

  • Sugar

  • Chipotle


  • Squeeze limes into cocktail shaker with tequila; shake until satisfied.
  • Wet rim of glass with a lime wedge, then twist glass upside-down in pre-mixed salt, sugar and chipotle.
  • Pour cocktail and enjoy!
Enjoyed on May 13

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