National Nordic Museum Auction Skål

The National Nordic Museum supports the Museum's efforts!

While attending the National Nordic Museum’s live virtual auction, it was only appropriate that we poured a Swedish gin while we listened to the auction bell ring, ring, ring!

The gin is full of botanicals, and is special; we only use it for special occasions. The small glasses are delightfully ad hoc, and the fresh rosemary is quite Nordic (or so Elizabeth tells me!).

I’ve been to their former premises, with my dearest childhood friend, Jennifer Boquist – a proud descendent of Swedish heritage – it was a special visit! And I’ve seen their new museum, which has brought them into the 21st century; it’s a beautiful building with a wonderful roster of events and programming.

The Museum has done a wonderful job of pivoting during the pandemic, and offering so much varied programming online. I’ve tuned in many times myself, and of course, Elizabeth has moderated the virtual Meet the Author series of book discussions with Nordic authors.

Best wishes to the Museum and may you raise lots of money for your beautiful new building and enhanced programs!


  • Stockholm Gin

  • ice

  • raspberries and rosemary – both fresh from our garden.


  • Pour gin over ice.
  • Garnish with berries and rosemary.
  • Skål!
Enjoyed on June 25, 2021

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