Pandemic Pub Rules

Graphic that looks like an official document stamp, stating "Pandemic Pub Rules".

Is this a housecleaning project, a giant happy hour, or a game?

Like any of the above, The Pandemic Pub has rules. Ours are:

  1. We don’t buy anything in order to complete a recipe: the idea is to clean out the liquor cabinet, not add to it, or find something we like better!
  2. It’s OK to replenish our favorites (gin, tequila, wine).
  3. We aren’t closely tracking wine or beer, choosing to focus on the housekeeping and creative aspects of cocktail creation.
  4. Substitutions are encouraged! I know this may be unpopular, but rye, bourbon and wheat whiskeys are interchangeable for our purposes here at The Pandemic Pub.
  5. No vodka!
  6. Cherries are Amaro, never Maraschino.
  7. Rimmed glasses are a beautiful thing.
  8. If we can add something from the garden, in a garnish or muddle for example, that’s amazing and we love it.
  9. Creativity is welcomed! Flights of fancy…inventions…side hustles like simple syrups…

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