Porch Tequila

Close-up of a hand holding a kitschy shotglass with a salted rim.
The glass reads: “Someone was going to have to set a bad example.” Are they talking about the amount of salt on the rim?!

This is what we call over here in Tacoma, “Porch Tequila”. It’s so named because of the scene in the movie Practical Magic, where Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman conga through the kitchen in pajamas as they quaff margaritas made by their aunts Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest. You can see them enjoy the Midnight Margaritas here, in a really fun scene:

But the relevant scene is this one, where someone asks where they got the tequila and the aunts reply, “Someone left it on the porch!”.

I’m holding my stomach, I’m laughing so hard. My friend who screened the movie said not to think about this too much…she agreed that it’s interesting character motivation, to pick up a bottle of stray alcohol that’s been left laying around, and then throw a party with it.

Actually, it sounds like the Pandemic Pub!

Humorous illustration stamped "Pandemic Pub Rules" reminds that the project’s goal is to finish abandoned liquor bottles.


  • 1 shot Porch Tequila

  • salt

  • lime


  • Pour Porch Tequila into silly shotglass.
  • Go out on the porch and drink it.
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo!
A bottle of tequila in a gift bag labeled "Porch Tequila" sits on a porch.
There are occasionally bottles of tequila that get left on porches around Tacoma.
Enjoyed on May 5

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