Pub Gifts from Fans Who Are Dogs!

Pub accoutrements such as humorous coasters, napkins and specialty straws.

Christmas came early over here at the Pandemic Pub! We received two packages recently from fans, both of whom are dogs. I can only imagine that they feel underserved at other pubs, whereas we really pay attention. You can read our dog-themed drinks and posts here.

First, we received a variety of coasters from bars around the world – Australia, Maine, the UK, plus a cocktail recipe book, napkins, and straws! And a sketch! Bruno is extremely talented; Pabu can learn a lot from him.

We almost never use straws, but that omission will be rectified soon – we’re excited to come up with a drink to employ them!

Thank you, Bruno!

Nip bottles displayed with holiday wrapping and a Christmas tree.

That package was soon followed by another – Bruno’s brother, Whiskey, sent several whiskeys! Plus a nip bottle of gin; he must know it’s our favorite!

Whiskeys from Whiskey! These are the fun parts of the pandemic that we have to hang onto; that’s how we get through it!

Thank you, Whiskey!


  1. Bruno12/15/2020 | Reply

    You rock, Maura.!! I’ll buy you a drink for a Milk Bone next time at the pub. Whiskey will get the next one!

    • admin12/15/2020 | Reply

      You're on! I know a place...

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