A small cup of a coffee drink sits on a kitchen counter.

This “cocktail” was more of a necessity than an inspiration, and it turned out accordingly! On New Year’s Eve, we planned a verrry relaxing and quiet night at home. It was so quietly amazing that we both decided to have a little coffee, in order to make sure we weren’t tempted to go to bed too early.

Elizabeth had a standard coffee, but I wanted to try the Peppermint Twist in a cocktail for the first time. I skipped the cream and went Italian-style: small, like an espresso. I wasn’t sure if the taste of coffee would work with peppermint, but if you’ve been reading, you know that I’m not afraid to try some unconventional combos!

It was serviceable, folks. But not great. It was meant to be a quick-and-dirty drink, and it was! I didn’t take the time to play with proportions or additional ingredients (should I have used cream? sugar?). I think it could have tasted better if I had. But hey – we stayed up, and we had fun!

Mission accomplished, but I deem the drink a FAIL, based on taste.

I’m most proud of the name here, which is already the name of a famous Italian dessert that’s made with coffee. The name means “pick me up”, which this drink was meant to do.

Happy New Year!! It’s nice to turn the calendar to 2021 at last.



FAILED on December 31

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