Arctic Fox

Pabu tries very hard to be patient in front of his cocktail, but the strain shows on his face.

Look how hard Pabu’s trying to be patient! He can hardly hold it in though…

We often call Pabu our little Arctic Fox because of his white fur. When we treated him with this ice cream-based cocktail, we decided it needed the same name…get it? It’s also cold and white, like an Arctic Fox?


  • Peanut butter dog ice cream

  • Milk


  • Blend in a blender, using as much milk as needed to thin it out.
  • If you try to take a picture or video, but your dog is upset at the delay, don’t take it personally, he just can’t wait for the treat!
  • Enjoy watching your dog wolf it down (I apologize for the bad jokes today)!
Enjoyed on August 14, 2021

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