Pooch Punch on the Porch

Bruno and Whiskey separately drink their dog cocktails!

This road trip has allowed the Pandemic Pub to bring cocktails to more dogs! We love it!

Here are Bruno and Whiskey, who have been friends of the Pandemic Pub from way back. I’m delighted to finally make them an original Pandemic Pub cocktail.

Mark, their dad, advised about their palate and preferences, and together we constructed this cocktail. I was never one who enjoyed salami, but this cocktail smelled pretty good, all things considered. It was a huge hit!

Even though Bruno and Whiskey are best friends, Mark suggested that we separate them, so a dog fight didn’t ruin Happy Hour. He was right because you can see Bruno’s intense stare over at Whiskey’s cocktail. Bruno was quick to finish his, while Whiskey took his time. Whiskey’s a gentleman.

My friend Whiskey. He ran out of a wildfire and leapt into a fireman’s arms. He was named after the quadrant of the fire where Gary rescued him.
My friend Bruno, Whiskey’s brother. He’s a big, unapologetic baby, and I love him.

Bruno was so eager – and noisy! Check him out, eying Whiskey’s remaining cocktail.

In case anyone is wondering, I played the videos after everyone went to bed, for my own enjoyment. This woke Bruno out of a deep sleep, and he whirled around to see where the sound of a dog slurping up a cocktail was coming from!


  • Salami slices, about 7 oz.

  • Chicken buillon, about 2 Tbsp.

  • 1 c. water

  • 5 carrots

  • 1 egg

  • Garnish – dog biscuits and beef jerky


  • Put all ingredients (except garnishes) in blender. Add more water if needed, to thin out mixture.
  • Garnish with biscuits and jerky.
  • This recipe makes two – separate the pups if you need to, and watch them enjoy!
Gobbled up on September 27, 2021


  1. Elizabeth09/28/2021 | Reply

    You cannot be stopped.

    • admin09/28/2021 | Reply

      LOL!!! That's probably true!

  2. Bruno10/06/2021 | Reply

    She wanted to roam the ‘hood with a pitcher….

    • admin10/08/2021 | Reply

      I really did! Miss you, Bruno!!!

  3. Jim Day10/08/2021 | Reply

    Carey Anne has a new hero in you. She says, "I'm all about nose and mouth, treats and partying!"

    • admin10/08/2021 | Reply

      Jim and Carey Anne, we love this! Thank you! If you'd like to send a photo of Carey Anne enjoying a cocktail, we'd be honored to post it! - Maura

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