The White Hen Pantry (October 31, 2021)

Pabu the dog licks his lips in front of his garnished cocktail.

This dog cocktail was such a winner with Pabu that we served it up two days in a row!

Folks, I cannot tell a lie…while that is certainly true, it’s also true that this dog cocktail stunk to high heaven and I needed to get it out of the fridge. Pronto.

It didn’t matter to Pabu; he loves Happy Hour and doesn’t mind the same cocktail twice.


  • Chicken broth and fat, which have all inexplicably started to go bad

  • Hardboiled eggs, ditto


  • I only had to take the blended mixture out of the fridge, since we’d served Pabs half yesterday. But easy enough to make again: put all in the blender!
  • Garnish with a beef stick and enjoy!
Gobbled up on October 31, 2021

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