St. George and the Dragon

Pabu gazes longingly at his St. George and the Dragon cocktail.

Over at the Pandemic Pub, we like to create cocktails to let people know we’re thinking of them. During strict lockdown time, it was a way to connect and share with folks we couldn’t see face to face. We celebrated birthdays, special occasions, or just said hello this way.

Of course, we also celebrate dogs, every day. When we learned that a dog friend of ours was under the weather, we decided to make a cocktail to (virtually) aid in his recuperation and send some good energy.

Though most of our dog cocktails have featured flavors of peanut butter, anchovy paste, cream, or chicken, this one introduces something new…

When I was thinking of a health tonic for our dog friend, I remembered that pumpkin is nutritious for dogs, and they love the taste. We had some extra canned pumpkin, added chicken broth and hey – instant dog elixir.

Pabu loved it, and the pumpkin and poultry combination made it smell like Thanksgiving in a glass.

By the way, today was the time I finally said out loud to Elizabeth, with a spoonful of pumpkin in one hand, and my eye on a glass nearby that was already garnished with Pabu’s favorite dog treat:

You know, I think I might have become a crazy dog mom.


She said that she wouldn’t disagree with me about that, but she said it very kindly.


  • Pumpkin puree

  • Chicken broth, plus a dollop of chicken fat

  • Splash of water, if needed

  • Garnish: beef medallion dog treat


  • Blend pumpkin puree and chicken broth and fat in a blender. A few seconds will do.
  • If the mixture is too thick (ours was like baby food) add water to thin it out.
  • Garnish with the treat, and watch your dog friend enjoy!
Enjoyed on July 24, 2021

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  1. Elizabeth07/26/2021 | Reply

    And the extra pumpkin makes a nice addition to his regular food. :-)

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