The Adventures of Huckleberry Vin

This red drink is served in an iced mug on a wooden coaster, with a garden behind it; it looks as hearty as it tastes.

This is another heat wave drink! On a night when I needed to go back to work after dinner while Elizabeth and Max watched a movie, I also needed something ice cold.

Elizabeth’s friend Nick gifted us with some homemade huckleberry sipping vinegar. He made several jokes at Hood Canal about a “shrub” and I honestly didn’t realize until later that the term is an official one for this kind of sipping vinegar. I thought it was a commentary on his green thumb! You learn something all the time in this biz.

Anyway, this cool drink is made with Nick’s huckleberry vinegar, tonic water, a splash of lemon or lime (I’m not sure which – it was pre-squeezed from the fridge).

With the heat wave on, I chose the coldest glass in the house, which was my college mug that I tend to keep in the freezer. So it felt very cold and very smart – perfect for doing my work this evening. The mocktail was refreshing and adult – not too sweet.


  • 2 oz. Nick’s huckleberry vinegar

  • 5 oz. Tonic water

  • Splash of lemon or lime juice


  • Pour it all over ice and enjoy – stay cool!
Enjoyed on August 12, 2021

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