The Ever-So

The Ever-So is caramel colored and served in a mason jar.

Elizabeth named this one – she’s our Namer-in-Chief because she’s excellent at it – because it has “ever so much rosewater and vanilla in it”.

Lately, we’ve occasionally adopted a faux-British way of speaking because we’ve gotten ever so into Agatha Christie movies, especially the ones featuring her Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot.

Max presented me with this surprise mocktail while we were watching Cat Among the Pigeons (his favorite so far) last night. While I waited, he returned to the kitchen to make his own duplicate.

Behind me, while I held my drink, I heard the sound of lots of pouring, some not-so-muffled commentary, and eventually, the sound of something being dumped down the drain. Max lamented to Elizabeth that, for some reason, the drink he made for me “turned out great” but his was “terrible”. He couldn’t understand why, since he’d made them exactly the same way.

I turned my attention to my mocktail, The Ever-So, and sipped it throughout the rest of the movie. I really appreciated the surprise.


  • Water

  • Ever so much Rosewater

  • Ever so much Vanilla


  • Combine all ingredients.
  • Surprise your mother’s girlfriend while the pack watches movies together!
  • Cheers!
Sipped on December 17

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