Wild Blackberry Mocktail

The Wild Blackberry is a mocktail, featuring homemade tonic, bitters, and handpicked berries as a garnish.

This Happy Hour is notable because it’s the first time Maura met Elizabeth’s sister and her husband! Maura drank a mocktail because she had to go back to work, while Elizabeth sipped a glass of white wine.

This drink is handcrafted, if there ever was one! Not only is it created with Elizabeth’s homemade tonic, but we handpicked the berries in Magnusson Park.

So this is the third iteration of homemade tonic. Mike made the first two, and Elizabeth made this one. You can actually see her jar of homemade tonic in the photos above and below; it’s above the berry garnish. It looks different from the others, more pink than brown, and truth be told, I liked the taste better too. I didn’t detect any trace of the “tea flavor” I’d noticed the last time. It was a very pleasant sipper, for a very nice happy hour.

Happy Hour drinks are a lowball mocktail and a glass of white wine.

A Note about Mocktails

There was an extended period of time when cocktails clashed with a medication that I was taking, and I observed something interesting. When my non-alcoholic beverage appeared to be non-alcoholic, people noticed. Sometimes they seemed uncomfortable, and that, in turn, made me uncomfortable. I never specifically asked, but I inferred from our conversation that they felt guilty for drinking in front of me. They shouldn’t have, because no matter the reason I wasn’t imbibing (and they didn’t know), they were welcome to do it. I encourage it! (And if I couldn’t handle it, that’s my problem, not theirs).

On the other hand, when I drank non-alcoholic beverages that looked like actual cocktails, there was no awkwardness at all. That became my preferred option. Bartenders seem to be very familiar with this phenomenon because I spoke to a couple of them about it. They also generally went out of their way to level-up the garnishes, or recommend a particular combination or flavor, which I appreciated. The bartenders seemed to have the right idea that the key to a mocktail is to make it fun, yet substantial.

For the record, one of my favorites was a ginger ale with bitters.


  • Elizabeth’s Homemade Tonic

  • Cherry Bitters

  • Blackberry garnish


  • Have Elizabeth do all the work to make the tonic (I am very lucky)
  • Add 2 – 3 drops Cherry Bitters and give a light stir.
  • Garnish with handpicked blackberries and enjoy!
Enjoyed on August 18

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