Smoky Mountain Baseball

Smoky Mountain Baseball is a casual cocktail full of heat, flavored with smoked paprika.

By Request! This cocktail is a sequel to the Cal Raleigh and is by request! The original cocktail was in honor of Cal Raleigh, who is currently tearing up the diamond as a catcher for the Tacoma Rainiers. I was thrilled to see him extend his hitting streak, in person, by another two games (eventually…

The Cal Raleigh

The Cal Raleigh is a Southern Comfort drink that is best drunk outside on a summery baseball day.

One of my friends from junior high and high school (the accomplished author Mark A. Henry), knowing my love of baseball, texted me to say that his cousin’s son plays baseball for our local minor league team, The Tacoma Rainiers, and would I like to go to a game sometime? Yes, please!!! His cousin’s name…

Candy Maldonado

The Candy Maldonado is a sweet gin cocktail that incorporates fresh blackberries, sugar and cream.

Candy Maldonado is a (now-retired) baseball player who had a pretty long career with several different major league teams. The Candyman played for two of my favorite teams, The Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants, when I lived in or near both cities, so that was fun for me. I always liked him as a…

Jim Bridges

Inspired by a special Red Sox fan, The Jim Bridges is a sweet butterscotch and cream cocktail, served in a Red Sox shot glass.

This one involves a bit of a story, folks, so settle in! Two of my favorite long-term things are butterscotch, and the Boston Red Sox. It’s hard to think what could be better than the fun, sweet taste of butterscotch. And, growing up in Massachusetts, I developed a strong affinity for our hometown baseball team….