Dirty Martini (January 15, 2022)

Two dirty martinis sit on a wooden countertop.

Hey, if the pandemic is still happening, we’re still drinking dirty martinis! We’ve been using some of our holiday gifts, and we’re thankful for all of our fans who have sent over garnishes, spirits, coasters, recipes, jokes, dog toys and more! Today, we were checking in on a new, local spirit, Rainier Gin. You may…

Dirty Martini (November 3, 2021)

A Dirty Martini is garnished with three olives.

Surely our most favorite cocktail, the go-to all year round – the dirty gin martini. Use lots of brine and three olives to garnish. This funky glass was a birthday present from my friend Anne, one of the Pub’s earliest and most enthusiastic supporters. I love it for a martini especially because it has a…

Pickle Martini

This pickle martini sports a gorgeously complex garnish of pickle, olive, onion, and dried pepper skin.

Folks, take a look at this gorgeous garnish! Can you see that there’s also a pearl onion, under the surface? Elizabeth made this especially for me, and it’s exquisitely done. This is also the best pickle martini I’ve had, at least since a specialty pickle martini on the Lower East Side of NYC in 2010…

In the Heat of the Night

In the Heat of the Night is a rimmed cocktail that's pale green and served in a green glass with ice.

This was one spicy cocktail, but it was just what I was looking for! The spice masked a little bitterness from the raspberry liqueur. That raspberry liqueur has proved a little difficult to mix properly because it’s quite strong and bitter. So it seemed smart in this drink, because its compatriots were equally strong, though…

Spicy Margarita

The spicy margarita is served over ice with a rim.

Folks, I wanted to get cute and give this delicious a name like “TJIF” (the J stands for Jalapeño, of course) or something but let’s be honest – it’s just a spicy margarita! Simple and delicious. I’ve been on a spicy drink kick very recently and nothing is simpler for that than tequila and jalapeño,…

Dirty Martini (August 11, 2021)

This dirty martini features a bay leaf as a garnish, in addition to the usual olives.

Elizabeth’s good friend Nick, with the green thumb, has been involved in more than one of our happy hours this week. Well, it’s more accurate to say that the fruits of his labor have made their way into our drinks. Witness The Adventures of Huckleberry Vin and the Hood Canal Gin and Tonic! This time,…

Dirty Martini (September 19)

A classic Dirty Martini is bright and clear.

Folks, I’m excited to report that for the first time in a long time, we used *green olive* brine in these martinis! Please don’t misunderstand – I loved the taste of the kalamata brine and I’m not going to be fussy over a martini or anything else during this pandemic. But oh, it was so…

The Win-Win

The Win-Win is served in a martini glass, and garnished with a long, red pepper.

Comfort Food vs. Experimentation If I’m being totally honest, tonight was a night where I wanted the cocktail equivalent of comfort food. Give me mac ‘n cheese in a glass, not a spontaneous invention that would further sap my already-depleted brain power, without any guarantee of success. That being said, I also felt extremely motivated…

Ahab and the Carpenter

The Ahab and the Carpenter is served in a lowball glass, garnished with strawberries and jalapeños.

We meet again, Rosso Vermouth… It was time to make another attempt at a Rosso Vermouth cocktail, because it’s been a while (she said grimly). Elizabeth has declared that I’m on my own with my quest to make a tasty cocktail with that wretched ingredient. I am truly Ahab, and it is my Moby Dick….