The Fireside Chat

Two sherry glasses garnished with cherries sit on a brick hearth in front of a fire.

It was a dark and stormy night. Yes, yes, it’s autumn in Seattle; there are many dark, rainy nights these days! On this particular Friday night, your favorite bartenders decided to have an after-dinner cocktail in front of a cozy fire. Elizabeth created this elegant surprise and had me guess at what was in it….


The Alooo! is a cocktail for dogs - in a short glass, garnished with chicken jerky dog treats.

This is a cocktail for dogs. I’m not sure what to call this particular category of drink – “dog tail” seems too twee. It’s more than a “mocktail.” Anyway, in case there was any doubt, Pandemic Pub is a full-service operation! This drink is truly something only a dog could love. Anchovy paste that’s been…

All-Quaranteam Cocktails!

The four quaranteam cocktails - two the same, and two with different garnishes and glasses.

For the first time during this pandemic, The Pandemic Pub presents…an evening of cocktails for the entire quaranteam! That’s right – it’s two for adults, one for a child, and one for a dog. Enjoyed on April 25, 2021

The White Whale

The creamy White Whale cocktail resembles Moby Dick, with a dark cherry for an eye, and a copy of the book behind it.

What I Did with Butterscotch Candy About a month ago, I rediscovered some butterscotch candy which I’d chopped up for ice cream sundae toppings. Butterscotch is my favorite! To my hungry dismay, the butterscotch bits had melted a bit in the jar, not because it’s been hot, but because these quality candies aren’t meant to…


The Triskaidekophobia looks like a sundae with a straw.

It’s Max’s birthday! The Quaranteam has welcomed a Quaranteen. I like to make Max his own special beverage sometimes when we watch movies – and certainly for an occasion like this! We also used the straws that were gifted to the Pandemic Pub by Bruno! It was a special touch! Celebrated on December 16!

Candy Corn

A martini-style cocktail in three layers: white, yellow, orange, with a candy corn garnish.

The Best Thing About Halloween is Candy Corn Folks, I love candy corn. I don’t care much for Halloween, but I love candy corn like crazy. So when I thought about a Halloween cocktail, it was fairly clear what I needed to do. Many recipes I saw online suggested flavored vodkas, but no thank you….

Look What You Made Me Do

Look What You Made Me Do is an amalgam of liquors and ingredients, served in a jelly glass.

Rosso Vermouth as Nemesis Folks, I’ve already discussed my struggles with Rosso Vermouth. You know that it is my personal cocktail nemesis. You can read about some of my travails with Rosso Vermouth here and here and especially here. Back into Battle Later the same evening as Rosso Vermouth and I duked it out over…


The Nocciano is made with the Italian liqueur called nocino, and has a hazelnut flavor, as well as a strawberry rim.

Nocciano, Italy This was a very exciting cocktail for me because I used a homemade liqueur which I first tasted in Italy. Some years back, I spent the summers teaching drawing and painting in Italy. I spent my first summer in a village called Nocciano (pronounced No-CHAH-no). It’s located on a steep hilltop not too…

Candy Maldonado

The Candy Maldonado is a sweet gin cocktail that incorporates fresh blackberries, sugar and cream.

Candy Maldonado is a (now-retired) baseball player who had a pretty long career with several different major league teams. The Candyman played for two of my favorite teams, The Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants, when I lived in or near both cities, so that was fun for me. I always liked him as a…

The Friskey

The Friskey is an iced coffee, served with cream and whiskey.

I’m not sure what inspired this drink at midday! It was a Tuesday, so it wasn’t brunch. Maybe we needed a caffeine boost, or maybe we sought out a celebration because Kamala Harris was nominated as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential running mate just minutes before we took our first sip. At any rate, the Friskey…