Dairy Barn

Pabu gazes patiently at The Dairy Barn cocktail on the counter.

More rotten hard-boiled eggs! I don’t know why that’s happened to us again, but it’s good news for Pabu! One of the eggs and some milk went in the blender, which is one of Pabu’s favorite things now. He used to run outside because of the noise, but now he comes running toward the kitchen…

Manic Monday

Pabu the dog stares down the Manic Monday dog cocktail.

Indoor Dining! Elizabeth and I went out to a restaurant for dinner. This is something we used to enjoy pre-pandemic, but we’ve cut out indoor dining for many months now. Although this wasn’t the very first time either of us had been inside a restaurant, it’s new enough that we still feel out of practice….

The Impostor

Pabu the dog eyes two Imposter drinks in malt glasses, garnished with ice cream, cookies and straws.

Remember the non-alcoholic version of the Candy Corn? I made a simple syrup out of boiling candy corn candy in water. It was a beautiful orange color, but I made a little too much. That was the theme of Halloween this year at Pandemic Pub; we made new cocktails with our novelty Halloween leftovers with…

The White Hen Pantry

Pabu eyes the dog-friendly White Hen Pantry cocktail.

If there were a category for “Something Only a Dog Could Love” – this would be it, folks. We keep chicken broth for Pabu’s food, and it was starting to turn a little bit. Not enough that a dog’s stomach couldn’t handle it, but enough to let us know to hurry it out of the…

Pooch Punch on the Porch

Bruno and Whiskey separately drink their dog cocktails!

This road trip has allowed the Pandemic Pub to bring cocktails to more dogs! We love it! Here are Bruno and Whiskey, who have been friends of the Pandemic Pub from way back. I’m delighted to finally make them an original Pandemic Pub cocktail. Mark, their dad, advised about their palate and preferences, and together…

Who’s a Good Boy?

Pabu is trying so hard to be a good boy!!

Over here at the Pandemic Pub, it was about time to spoil our dog again! We had some leftover pumpkin purée from Pabu’s birthday, which I combined with the grease left in the pan from when we made Beyond Burgers. And if you think a dog might not like grease from vegetarian burgers – well,…

Spicy Mint Avocado Margarita

Three Spicy Mint Avocado Margaritas sit on a windowsill in the sun.

Too many margaritas? We had a lot of tequila and an almost unseemly amount of limes. (Or was it the other way around?) The only thing to do is make margaritas! I don’t know if you can have too many margaritas (don’t answer that) but I was in the mood for a variation on this…

Dr. Juice

Dr. Juice is a super-fun mocktail that's slightly pink and garnished with a straw and a Swedish fish.

It was Pabu’s birthday! Aside from Pabu’s Birthday Boy cocktail, the humans in the crowd were also thirsty for some festive, fun drinks. Enter Dr. Juice, the mocktail I made for Max and his friend Finn, who baked Pabu’s birthday cake together. I wanted their mocktail to look and taste fun. My idea was to…

Birthday Boy

A dog licks his lips while surveying his birthday cocktail.

Over here at the Pandemic Pub, we love dogs. We especially adore our dog, Pabu, and the little guy just had a birthday! Of course, our pack planned a little something. It involved a cake that Max and his friend Finn baked and frosted. Nice job, guys! In case anyone has their own furry friend…