The White Hen Pantry

Pabu eyes the dog-friendly White Hen Pantry cocktail.

If there were a category for “Something Only a Dog Could Love” – this would be it, folks. We keep chicken broth for Pabu’s food, and it was starting to turn a little bit. Not enough that a dog’s stomach couldn’t handle it, but enough to let us know to hurry it out of the…

Whitehaven Mansions

Whitehaven Mansions is a sophisticated drink, with a light foam and elegant mint garnish.

As I’ve mentioned, we’ve really gotten into Agatha Christie’s Poirot adaptations during the pandemic. Since we really appreciate a themed cocktail, as well as a challenge, tonight’s project was to make a drink that Hercule Poirot would also enjoy. Here’s our Agatha Christie-inspired cocktail. Poirot doesn’t drink very often, but the guiding light here was…

All-Quaranteam Cocktails!

The four quaranteam cocktails - two the same, and two with different garnishes and glasses.

For the first time during this pandemic, The Pandemic Pub presents…an evening of cocktails for the entire quaranteam! That’s right – it’s two for adults, one for a child, and one for a dog. Enjoyed on April 25, 2021

Lavender Slip

The Lavender Slip is a pink, frothy cocktail garnished with lavender flowers.

Around this time, I really began experimenting with egg whites; I like the way they instantly add class and elegance to a cocktail by changing the way it looks in the glass, and feels in your mouth. Little did I know that there is a name for a frothy cocktail (such as one with egg…

Lavender Incognito

A frothy Lavender Incognito cocktail, with a lavender garnish.

I used to go to a bar in Tacoma called Hilltop Kitchen, with coworkers, and it was my first real favorite place in Tacoma. The lavender cocktail (and the truffle popcorn) were enduring favorites. Unfortunately for me, this bar closed much too soon, but the idea lived on in my mind. When Elizabeth came to…