Bloody Mary on a Plane

This Bloody Mary was made with limited ingredients and sipped on a plane.

Controversy! Folks, this may be controversial, but bear with me here. This is a Bloody Mary that I made myself on an airplane. Does it belong here in Pandemic Pub? I’m not sure. Rules Refresher On the one hand, it celebrates the Pub’s minimalist philosophy. It’s so minimalist, there’s not even a garnish – and…

Seattle Snow

A wintry cocktail, garnished with pine, sits on a snowy railing outside.

Snow! Yay! We got snow in the Pacific Northwest, lots of snow! (I mean, for us, we have lots of snow.) It’s been coming down, in one form or another, since Thursday. Whatever amount of snow we get here (even an inch! said the native New Englander) is generally enough to shut everything down because…

Ahab and the Carpenter

The Ahab and the Carpenter is served in a lowball glass, garnished with strawberries and jalapeños.

We meet again, Rosso Vermouth… It was time to make another attempt at a Rosso Vermouth cocktail, because it’s been a while (she said grimly). Elizabeth has declared that I’m on my own with my quest to make a tasty cocktail with that wretched ingredient. I am truly Ahab, and it is my Moby Dick….

The White Whale

The creamy White Whale cocktail resembles Moby Dick, with a dark cherry for an eye, and a copy of the book behind it.

What I Did with Butterscotch Candy About a month ago, I rediscovered some butterscotch candy which I’d chopped up for ice cream sundae toppings. Butterscotch is my favorite! To my hungry dismay, the butterscotch bits had melted a bit in the jar, not because it’s been hot, but because these quality candies aren’t meant to…


A small cup of a coffee drink sits on a kitchen counter.

This “cocktail” was more of a necessity than an inspiration, and it turned out accordingly! On New Year’s Eve, we planned a verrry relaxing and quiet night at home. It was so quietly amazing that we both decided to have a little coffee, in order to make sure we weren’t tempted to go to bed…


The Pre-successful is a beautiful, graceful cocktail in a martini glass, garnished with bok choy and a cranberry.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend If you’ve been following along, you know by now that Rosso Vermouth is a hill I’m going to die on. We don’t get along, but I keep trying to make it work. There just has to be a good cocktail in that bottle before it runs out! I had an…

End Times

The End Times is served in a lowball glass, with ice and a cherry garnish.

The End Times is a variation on a Manhattan (generally, that’s a whiskey, sugar, and bitters). I’m sorry to say that it didn’t work, but pleased to report that it depleted two bottles from the liquor cabinet! (They were nip bottles – Wild Turkey and Jim Beam – but still!!!) I used all the ingredients…


The Calamity is a milkshake cocktail with a rim and cherry garnish.

Folks, this was my second try for the day. The End Times was undrinkable, so I took that mess and added Butter Pecan ice cream to it. It was the only ice cream that I had (shockingly) and I thought that I could save this cocktail by turning it into a sort-of milkshake. It was…

Golden Sunset

The Golden Sunset cocktail sits on the rail of a porch.

I investigated recipes for this one, and it was billed as “a healthy cocktail”! Should I have known better from the start? This cocktail is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. But it goes down as a FAIL for a few reasons…in the chilling process, I noted that the Coconut Milk began to congeal. At first, I chalked…

Peanut Satay

The Peanut Satay is a mixture of many kitchen ingredients - like a Thai dinner in a coupe glass.

Rosso Vermouth as Nemesis Rosso Vermouth has kind of gotten my goat, so to speak. I was really disappointed by my previous attempts to use it (first and second were both Fails) – all the more so because it seems to be a highly recommended drink. So I set out on this evening to specifically…