Dirty Martini (January 15, 2022)

Two dirty martinis sit on a wooden countertop.

Hey, if the pandemic is still happening, we’re still drinking dirty martinis! We’ve been using some of our holiday gifts, and we’re thankful for all of our fans who have sent over garnishes, spirits, coasters, recipes, jokes, dog toys and more! Today, we were checking in on a new, local spirit, Rainier Gin. You may…


Bright red festive cocktails garnished with orange slices sit on a holiday table.

Little Christmas Growing up, we always celebrated Little Christmas as well as Christmas. I don’t recall knowing anyone else who did, so here’s a little context if you’d like it: Little Christmas, also known as Epiphany, Three Kings Day and other names, is January 6 on the calendar. This is officially the twelfth day of…

Lychee Martini

Two Lychee Martinis by the window are a bright contrast to a dark evening.

Folks, we had quite a few lychees left over from our Halloween eyeball garnishes and I knew just what to do with them: lychee martinis! When I lived in Boston, I used to have the smoothest, most delicious lychee martinis. I didn’t know how or if I could recreate them, but it was worth a…

Dirty Martini (November 3, 2021)

A Dirty Martini is garnished with three olives.

Surely our most favorite cocktail, the go-to all year round – the dirty gin martini. Use lots of brine and three olives to garnish. This funky glass was a birthday present from my friend Anne, one of the Pub’s earliest and most enthusiastic supporters. I love it for a martini especially because it has a…

Flor de Sevilla Gin and Tonic

The Flor de Sevilla Gin and Tonic has a slight orange color.

Pandemic Pub here – coming to you from the road, with masks on! With the hot weather here in California, we’ve been making the most of tropical drinks like our family of Mai Tais. By adding one ingredient, and one word, to the cocktail every night, we’ve created an empire. Today, we decided to switch…

Gin and Tonic (September 10, 2021)

Two gin and tonics, along with dishes of Indian food on a tablecloth, are viewed from above.

Fall is around the corner. We suspected this might be one of our last chances to enjoy the summery chill of a nice, cold Gin and Tonic. There was tonic water left in the fridge, along with plenty of limes. We thought it would taste delicious with Indian food too, so we went all out….

Pickle Martini

This pickle martini sports a gorgeously complex garnish of pickle, olive, onion, and dried pepper skin.

Folks, take a look at this gorgeous garnish! Can you see that there’s also a pearl onion, under the surface? Elizabeth made this especially for me, and it’s exquisitely done. This is also the best pickle martini I’ve had, at least since a specialty pickle martini on the Lower East Side of NYC in 2010…

Martini in Giallo

The Martini in Giallo is an elegant yellow drink, with orange saffron strands visible at the bottom of the martini glass.

Italian Black Martinis We’ve been watching Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy, which has been completely inspiring on many levels. It brings me back to my time there, and everything looks so delicious! When he traveled to Milan, there was discussion of a Black Martini (though we didn’t notice him actually drink one). That inspired us…

Lemony Snicket (August 15, 2021)

The Lemony Snicket is an unusual-looking cocktail in a crooked martini glass, with an oversized lemon garnish with prominent seeds.

We’ve been enjoying our limoncello recently, as well as the show Hacks. (And Jean Smart is from Seattle – we didn’t know that!) This drink, though not necessarily inspired by Hacks, was a companion as we watched an episode. And this line stuck out at us, and we don’t even know why: F*** you, Lemony…