Lychee Martini

Two Lychee Martinis by the window are a bright contrast to a dark evening.

Folks, we had quite a few lychees left over from our Halloween eyeball garnishes and I knew just what to do with them: lychee martinis! When I lived in Boston, I used to have the smoothest, most delicious lychee martinis. I didn’t know how or if I could recreate them, but it was worth a…

Dirty Martini (November 3, 2021)

A Dirty Martini is garnished with three olives.

Surely our most favorite cocktail, the go-to all year round – the dirty gin martini. Use lots of brine and three olives to garnish. This funky glass was a birthday present from my friend Anne, one of the Pub’s earliest and most enthusiastic supporters. I love it for a martini especially because it has a…

The Spiky-Spiky

The Spiky-Spiky is a hot chocolate drink with Irish Cream liqueur, served in a mug.

Growing up in New England, I’m a hot chocolate lover from way back. Sometimes we didn’t go a day without it; it was an after-school snack, an après-sled, a way to warm up. Plain, or with whipped cream, or Fluff on top. Yum! There are many ways to make it; everybody has their own way,…

The Ramble

The Ramble is a tall drink full of wild green leaves, with a lemon garnish.

One lovely side effect of the pandemic has been the connections we’ve forged. Sometimes that’s meant continuing a connection in a new way, or even completely reconnecting with someone from the past. I’ve found this to be intensely sweet. Three of my friends from NYC invited me to join their biweekly happy hour. We hadn’t…

Wild Blackberry Mocktail

The Wild Blackberry is a mocktail, featuring homemade tonic, bitters, and handpicked berries as a garnish.

This Happy Hour is notable because it’s the first time Maura met Elizabeth’s sister and her husband! Maura drank a mocktail because she had to go back to work, while Elizabeth sipped a glass of white wine. This drink is handcrafted, if there ever was one! Not only is it created with Elizabeth’s homemade tonic,…

Greta Garbo

The Greta Garbo celebrates Sweden, and features Flaggspunsch, lemon juice, and gin in a martini glass.

First Pandemic Happy Hour One of Elizabeth’s closest friends of many years was coming over for happy hour. At this point in the pandemic, we were no longer under strict lockdown, but still carefully following all guidelines. After Elizabeth’s family birthday lunch went so well, we decided to expand to an outdoor, socially distanced happy…

Elizabeth’s Homemade Gin and Tonic

This homemade tonic, from chichona bark, adds a bright pink tone to a gin and tonic.

Elizabeth tried her hand at making homemade tonic from Chichona Bark. You can see how different it looks from Mike’s original versions. Carelessly, I didn’t record the details of how and why these tonics from the same ingredients might look and taste so different. They literally shared the bags of bark and citric acid, and…

Homemade Gin and Tonic in the Alley (August 8)

A gin and tonic made with homemade tonic has an amber color.

Mike, Elizabeth’s neighbor and the originator of the local craze for homemade tonic, tinkered with his earlier recipe. He’d said that he wasn’t quite satisfied with the filtration of the Cinchona Bark particles, as well as a few other points. He’s a retired scientist, and absolutely the best person to be in charge of something…

Lavender Incognito

A frothy Lavender Incognito cocktail, with a lavender garnish.

I used to go to a bar in Tacoma called Hilltop Kitchen, with coworkers, and it was my first real favorite place in Tacoma. The lavender cocktail (and the truffle popcorn) were enduring favorites. Unfortunately for me, this bar closed much too soon, but the idea lived on in my mind. When Elizabeth came to…

Lavender 75

A Lavender 75 is a champagne cocktail with lavender simple syrup and lime juice.

This delightful, light drink was inspired by the French 75, with the addition of lavender right from Elizabeth’s garden. Great for summer, especially here in Washington where lavender really comes out to play at this time of year! Enjoyed on June 26