Spicy Mint Avocado Margarita

Three Spicy Mint Avocado Margaritas sit on a windowsill in the sun.

Too many margaritas? We had a lot of tequila and an almost unseemly amount of limes. (Or was it the other way around?) The only thing to do is make margaritas! I don’t know if you can have too many margaritas (don’t answer that) but I was in the mood for a variation on this…

Dirty Martini (August 11, 2021)

This dirty martini features a bay leaf as a garnish, in addition to the usual olives.

Elizabeth’s good friend Nick, with the green thumb, has been involved in more than one of our happy hours this week. Well, it’s more accurate to say that the fruits of his labor have made their way into our drinks. Witness The Adventures of Huckleberry Vin and the Hood Canal Gin and Tonic! This time,…

Hood Canal Lemonhead

These cocktails are served over ice, with shreds of muddled mint, and large mint sprigs for garnish.

These fun cocktails come in fun glasses, courtesy of Elizabeth’s college friends! We went to visit them at their place in Hood Canal, near Seattle and made these drinks one evening. They were very lemon-centric, with Limoncello, citrus juice, and actual lemonade. We used mint from the garden – twice – and enjoyed a happy…

Hood Canal Gin and Tonic

The Hood Canal Gin and Tonic adds lemon mint as an ingredient, in addition to the classic limes.

While visiting Elizabeth’s college friends at their place on Hood Canal, on the Olympic Peninsula, we indulged in some gin and tonics. Nick has an extraordinarily green thumb, and grows all types of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. He calls it “edible landscaping.” He also composts assiduously, and I love it. For this evening’s cocktails, we…

Citrus Rosemary Afternoon

The Citrus Rosemary Afternoon is a yellow cocktail in a martini glass, garnished with a lemon slice.

In the middle of a family visit, Elizabeth and I happened to have a free afternoon. We settled on the front porch with this delicious, summery cocktail. We chose Limoncello because it felt like summer and Elizabeth added to it from there. She added some vodka (a gift to the Pub!) and lemon juice, her…


The Heatwave is a cold, spicy vodka cocktail - perfect for a heatwave during Pride!

Happy Pride! Well, Happy Pride and happy heatwave, everybody! We folks here in Seattle are extremely unused to the kinds of temperatures we’ve seen and will continue to see over these last few days. It’s certainly been over 100 degrees, and today is going to hit 107 – and the forecasts keep going up. We…

National Nordic Museum Auction Skål

While attending the National Nordic Museum’s live virtual auction, it was only appropriate that we poured a Swedish gin while we listened to the auction bell ring, ring, ring! The gin is full of botanicals, and is special; we only use it for special occasions. The small glasses are delightfully ad hoc, and the fresh…

Whitehaven Mansions

Whitehaven Mansions is a sophisticated drink, with a light foam and elegant mint garnish.

As I’ve mentioned, we’ve really gotten into Agatha Christie’s Poirot adaptations during the pandemic. Since we really appreciate a themed cocktail, as well as a challenge, tonight’s project was to make a drink that Hercule Poirot would also enjoy. Here’s our Agatha Christie-inspired cocktail. Poirot doesn’t drink very often, but the guiding light here was…

All-Quaranteam Cocktails!

The four quaranteam cocktails - two the same, and two with different garnishes and glasses.

For the first time during this pandemic, The Pandemic Pub presents…an evening of cocktails for the entire quaranteam! That’s right – it’s two for adults, one for a child, and one for a dog. Enjoyed on April 25, 2021

Tequila Verde

Two Tequila Verdes sit on a countertop with lots of squeezed lime halves.

This is summer in a glass, folks! We used mint from Elizabeth’s garden too! Enjoyed on August 29