Candy Corn

A martini-style cocktail in three layers: white, yellow, orange, with a candy corn garnish.

The Best Thing About Halloween is Candy Corn Folks, I love candy corn. I don’t care much for Halloween, but I love candy corn like crazy. So when I thought about a Halloween cocktail, it was fairly clear what I needed to do. Many recipes I saw online suggested flavored vodkas, but no thank you….

Pandemic Pub Rules

Graphic that looks like an official document stamp, stating "Pandemic Pub Rules".

Is this a housecleaning project, a giant happy hour, or a game? Like any of the above, The Pandemic Pub has rules. Ours are: We don’t buy anything in order to complete a recipe: the idea is to clean out the liquor cabinet, not add to it, or find something we like better! It’s OK…