Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crowded Crosswalk

This summery-looking cocktail is served in a tall glass with ice.

When we keep adding ingredients, folks, we keep adapting the name! This is another adaptation of the family of Pedestrian Mai Tai cocktails. We added Pineapple Mango juice – an embellishment of the Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crosswalk. That was an embellishment of the Pedestrian Mai Tai. We apologize for the wordplay, but we…

Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crosswalk (Sept 22, 2021)

The Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crosswalk is colorful but not fancy.

This is the second iteration of the Pedestrian Mai in the Crosswalk, and I preferred it to the first one. I learned my lesson yesterday, and this time, I asked my co-bartender to guide me through the steps. This is a more balanced drink without my heavy pouring hand! You can see that it’s also…

Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crosswalk

The Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crosswalk has a deep orange color.

Continuing with the success of the Pedestrian Mai Tai, we bring you the Pedestrian Mai Tai in the Crosswalk. It’s only slightly more complicated. Our supplies were limited yesterday, hence the two-ingredient Pedestrian Mai Tai. Today, we went shopping and were able to add an additional juice: tangerine. The drink became sweeter, and more citrusy….

Pedestrian Mai Tai

The Pedestrian Mai Tai is simple - deep red, ice, no garnish.

Folks, the Pandemic Pub has gone on the road for a little bit! That’s not something we planned on doing during the pandemic, but this was a necessary trip, and it involved lots of masking. Enough said. The Pedestrian Mai Tai is a drink we learned on the road. It’s pedestrian because it’s not fancy,…

Tropical Storm

The Tropical Storm is a light green drink, served with ice in a short glass, and garnished with a dried banana.

History This cocktail has some historical significance, folks, since it riffs on some Hurricanes that my cousin Brian made about 10 years ago on Cape Cod during a family reunion. As sometimes happens in the summer, we were visited not only by family from California, Chicago and New York, but also by an actual hurricane….

Golden Sunset

The Golden Sunset cocktail sits on the rail of a porch.

I investigated recipes for this one, and it was billed as “a healthy cocktail”! Should I have known better from the start? This cocktail is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. But it goes down as a FAIL for a few reasons…in the chilling process, I noted that the Coconut Milk began to congeal. At first, I chalked…


The Costariquense is a rum cocktail with lemon and lime juice, over ice.

This drink was made with what can only be considered, in the relative timeline of the Pandemic Pub, to be new alcohol. The dark rum was a gift from Costa Rica, arriving sort of just before the quarantine did. When you consider that some of what we work with is around 15 years old, this…