Martini in Giallo

The Martini in Giallo is an elegant yellow drink, with orange saffron strands visible at the bottom of the martini glass.

Italian Black Martinis We’ve been watching Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy, which has been completely inspiring on many levels. It brings me back to my time there, and everything looks so delicious! When he traveled to Milan, there was discussion of a Black Martini (though we didn’t notice him actually drink one). That inspired us…

Still Snowing

An orange cocktail in a lowball glass sits on a rail outside in the snow.

Folks, it’s still snowing here! I’m snowed in, and want to enjoy a snow day, even though I have a million things to do. I decided that making a little cocktail during the day would be a nice nod to the celebratory aspects of being snowed in, while also allowing me to get on with…

The Win-Win

The Win-Win is served in a martini glass, and garnished with a long, red pepper.

Comfort Food vs. Experimentation If I’m being totally honest, tonight was a night where I wanted the cocktail equivalent of comfort food. Give me mac ‘n cheese in a glass, not a spontaneous invention that would further sap my already-depleted brain power, without any guarantee of success. That being said, I also felt extremely motivated…

Lobstah Roll

The Lobstah Roll, a red cocktail in a martini glass, is garnished with a pepperoncini and an amaro cherry.

On the deck I’m on my deck, in the cold mid-afternoon, perched on a tiny outdoor table because I sold my deck chair. I look at the view and think to myself that this is probably one of the last times that I’ll sit out here.  I watch the weather change in front of me….

Ahab and the Carpenter

The Ahab and the Carpenter is served in a lowball glass, garnished with strawberries and jalapeños.

We meet again, Rosso Vermouth… It was time to make another attempt at a Rosso Vermouth cocktail, because it’s been a while (she said grimly). Elizabeth has declared that I’m on my own with my quest to make a tasty cocktail with that wretched ingredient. I am truly Ahab, and it is my Moby Dick….


The Pre-successful is a beautiful, graceful cocktail in a martini glass, garnished with bok choy and a cranberry.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend If you’ve been following along, you know by now that Rosso Vermouth is a hill I’m going to die on. We don’t get along, but I keep trying to make it work. There just has to be a good cocktail in that bottle before it runs out! I had an…

Look What You Made Me Do

Look What You Made Me Do is an amalgam of liquors and ingredients, served in a jelly glass.

Rosso Vermouth as Nemesis Folks, I’ve already discussed my struggles with Rosso Vermouth. You know that it is my personal cocktail nemesis. You can read about some of my travails with Rosso Vermouth here and here and especially here. Back into Battle Later the same evening as Rosso Vermouth and I duked it out over…

Peanut Satay

The Peanut Satay is a mixture of many kitchen ingredients - like a Thai dinner in a coupe glass.

Rosso Vermouth as Nemesis Rosso Vermouth has kind of gotten my goat, so to speak. I was really disappointed by my previous attempts to use it (first and second were both Fails) – all the more so because it seems to be a highly recommended drink. So I set out on this evening to specifically…

The August 13th

The August Thirteenth is a cocktail featuring Rosso Vermouth (also known as Sweet or Red Vermouth).

I’ve been motivated to make a tasty cocktail featuring Rosso Vermouth (also known as Sweet or Red Vermouth) ever since I first saw the movie Groundhog Day. In fact, my first attempt was simply a recreation of the cocktail from the movie. Folks, that was an early Pandemic Pub Fail. While I may have to…

Dirty Martini (May 12)

A dirty gin martini, that is a darker color because it's made with kalamata olive brine.

Ah, the Dirty Martini, Maura’s favorite. I’m very traditional about my martinis; they are always gin, never vodka. I realize, though, that you might ask why a traditionalist is interested in a dirty martini to begin with. Answer: it tastes fantastic!