The Fireside Chat

Two sherry glasses garnished with cherries sit on a brick hearth in front of a fire.

It was a dark and stormy night. Yes, yes, it’s autumn in Seattle; there are many dark, rainy nights these days! On this particular Friday night, your favorite bartenders decided to have an after-dinner cocktail in front of a cozy fire. Elizabeth created this elegant surprise and had me guess at what was in it….

Seattle Snow

A wintry cocktail, garnished with pine, sits on a snowy railing outside.

Snow! Yay! We got snow in the Pacific Northwest, lots of snow! (I mean, for us, we have lots of snow.) It’s been coming down, in one form or another, since Thursday. Whatever amount of snow we get here (even an inch! said the native New Englander) is generally enough to shut everything down because…

The Win-Win

The Win-Win is served in a martini glass, and garnished with a long, red pepper.

Comfort Food vs. Experimentation If I’m being totally honest, tonight was a night where I wanted the cocktail equivalent of comfort food. Give me mac ‘n cheese in a glass, not a spontaneous invention that would further sap my already-depleted brain power, without any guarantee of success. That being said, I also felt extremely motivated…

Hot As Helm

Hot As Helm is a whiskey-based drink in a lowball glass, garnished with a hot pepper.

Folks, the Pandemic Pub is fulfilling requests! This request was very specific, and asked for vodka—which we don’t do here at the Pandemic Pub because, well, rules… I have to admit that the cucumber vodka does sound refreshing, and I might have made an exception for Kris, except that one of our other rules is…

The White Whale

The creamy White Whale cocktail resembles Moby Dick, with a dark cherry for an eye, and a copy of the book behind it.

What I Did with Butterscotch Candy About a month ago, I rediscovered some butterscotch candy which I’d chopped up for ice cream sundae toppings. Butterscotch is my favorite! To my hungry dismay, the butterscotch bits had melted a bit in the jar, not because it’s been hot, but because these quality candies aren’t meant to…

End Times

The End Times is served in a lowball glass, with ice and a cherry garnish.

The End Times is a variation on a Manhattan (generally, that’s a whiskey, sugar, and bitters). I’m sorry to say that it didn’t work, but pleased to report that it depleted two bottles from the liquor cabinet! (They were nip bottles – Wild Turkey and Jim Beam – but still!!!) I used all the ingredients…


The Calamity is a milkshake cocktail with a rim and cherry garnish.

Folks, this was my second try for the day. The End Times was undrinkable, so I took that mess and added Butter Pecan ice cream to it. It was the only ice cream that I had (shockingly) and I thought that I could save this cocktail by turning it into a sort-of milkshake. It was…

The Friskey

The Friskey is an iced coffee, served with cream and whiskey.

I’m not sure what inspired this drink at midday! It was a Tuesday, so it wasn’t brunch. Maybe we needed a caffeine boost, or maybe we sought out a celebration because Kamala Harris was nominated as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential running mate just minutes before we took our first sip. At any rate, the Friskey…

In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes is a whiskey cocktail, featuring amaro liqueur a mint leaf garnish and a rim of salt, sugar and chipotle.

We still can’t stop with the unconventional maneuvers! You can thank The Nameless Dog for having such a delicious chipotle rim that we can’t help but go back for more. And, the mint is from Elizabeth’s garden! Enjoyed on June 4

The Wittier Comeback

A Wittier Comeback cocktail, which features an olive and a cherry as garnish.

We served The Wittier Comeback just a few days after making our original Witty Comeback. Sometimes we get on a kick and experiment with variables to try to get the best version of the cocktail … plus, there’s all that similar liquor hanging around, don’t forget! There are only two real differences in this wittier…