Homemade sangria, with red wine and fruits.

Sangria! A very summery drink. Some people follow a recipe, simmer spices and fruit on the stove, add sugar, or let it steep for days. For us, the day called for it, so Elizabeth made this in an afternoon with what we had in the kitchen, which was simply, fruit and wine. I’ve had some…

Lavender 75

A Lavender 75 is a champagne cocktail with lavender simple syrup and lime juice.

This delightful, light drink was inspired by the French 75, with the addition of lavender right from Elizabeth’s garden. Great for summer, especially here in Washington where lavender really comes out to play at this time of year! Enjoyed on June 26

Dirty Martini and Red Wine (June 14)

A composite photo of dinner on the table, with a dirty martini on the left, and red wine on the right.

A dirty martini for Maura and red wine for Elizabeth…our respective favorite drinks…the way that mac and cheese is a comfort food, we needed to curl up with these familiar drinks tonight. We went to visit CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest) here in Seattle, and were processing lots of feelings afterward…anxiety, grief, wariness (about COVID…