Candy Corn

A martini-style cocktail in three layers: white, yellow, orange, with a candy corn garnish.

The Best Thing About Halloween is Candy Corn

Folks, I love candy corn. I don’t care much for Halloween, but I love candy corn like crazy. So when I thought about a Halloween cocktail, it was fairly clear what I needed to do.

Many recipes I saw online suggested flavored vodkas, but no thank you. It’s against the rules! And also maybe a little too easy?

I thought that tequila would work for our purposes – it can certainly take on a sweet flavor – and that I’d infuse it with actual candy corn. I poured out a bunch from the candy bag, put it on the windowsill, and let it get to work. Shockingly, this project only took five hours. The candy was dissolved the same afternoon!


So that took care of my orange layer.

Mandarin juice seemed like a good choice for the middle layer, since it seemed different enough in color from the orange candy corn layer. I considered trying to push a more yellow color, either with orange juice or pineapple juice, but I nixed both of those on the basis of palette, thinking neither flavor would work well enough with the whole.

I’m rethinking this now, though! Think about it: orange plus cream equals creamsicle, and pineapple and cream sound like a tropical dream. Maybe next time.

In the end, I had a bit of trouble separating the color layers anyway.

I poured each liquid into the cocktail glass separately, one after the other, over the back of a spoon. It worked best for the cream, the last layer. (I might have thought it was because I was getting better with practice, except that I spilled a good amount over the side of the glass.)

Maybe I’ll refine my technique, or maybe the layers need to have more differentiation between themselves, in terms of thicknesses. I cheated a little by adding a bit of grenadine to the orange layer, to make it a deeper orange compared to the mandarin juice. It still didn’t quiiiiiite work.

I may need to consult some principles of physics for this one, because I have to admit: it bothered me. I wanted that candy corn look!

Elizabeth’s Breaking Editorial

Despite the lack of delineated layers, this drink took the breath away from everyone lucky enough to receive one. Our neighbor Gregory liked it so much that he included it to represent the month of October in his bespoke family calendar. We’re all dying to tickle our taste buds with it again next year.

Elizabeth’s breaking editorial. she insisted this comment be included here.

This cocktail was delicious! It tasted like a creamsicle, for the most part. It didn’t necessarily taste like candy corn; I think that by dissolving the candy, I simply redistributed the sugar in it. But I love creamsicles, too, so this was a win for me, all the way around.

The adults drank these, socially distanced, as the kids trick-or-treated. Happy Halloween!


  • 3 oz. Candy corn-infused white tequila (5 hours)

  • 3 – 4 Mandarins

  • splash of Grenadine

  • Approx. 3 Tbsp of cream, enough to create layer

  • Candy Corn (garnish)


  • Steep candy corn in tequila for an afternoon. I added a splash of grenadine to make it more orange (after infusing). Pour 3 oz. in a martini glass.
  • Juice mandarins. Slowly pour into the glass, over the back of a spoon.
  • Pour cream as the next layer, over the back of a spoon.
  • The candy corn itself didn’t take kindly to being pierced with a cocktail spear; I had to attempt this garnish several times. But keep trying; it’s worth it, and you get to eat the broken pieces!
  • Enjoy!
Enjoyed on October 31

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