Origin Story

Bartenders Maura and Elizabeth toast you with a martini!
Your bartenders, Maura and Elizabeth.

My girlfriend Elizabeth and I are quarantining together at her house.

From Day One, we’ve marveled at how people are revealing their altruistic and creative sides during this crazy time: by sewing masks, baking for their quaranteams, improving their community… a special shout-out to those who have been educating, learning and organizing.

As far as quarantines go, ours has been good: we’re healthy! That being said, some days are easier, and some are harder. Some days have had beautiful moments of light – even entire days full of it.

This project focuses on the light, because sharing it is my best contribution right now, but it’s not shared without an acknowledgment of the whole.

On that note, we searched for a worthy quarantine project. Should it be artistic, or practical?

Finally, it came to us. Our project would straddle the arenas of both home improvement and creativity. We decided to clean out Elizabeth’s liquor cabinet by drinking it all!

No, really!

It’s full of half-empty bottles (including some real randoms, with old labels and sticky corks) because they were left behind after a party . . . or, a friend moved away and donated various half-full bottles instead of packing them up . . . or, something wasn’t to taste but it felt wasteful to pour it out.

Some days, making cocktails has taxed our powers of creativity, especially because we established a few rules. Other days, we’ve wanted to celebrate special occasions, and a sleek, well-made cocktail struck exactly the right note of revelry. Let’s not forget the sense of accomplishment when we can discard yet another empty bottle and see the progress we’ve made in organizing the kitchen! (Ahem). I might add that at the end of some quarantine days, we’ve felt “driven to drink”, as my Irish ancestors would say, and what do you do then but laugh and raise a glass.

We are both bon vivants who love an elegant cocktail. We used to love them in bars, but for now, we make our own fun.

The Pandemic Pub is open. Cheers!