This non-alcoholic Mimosa goes in a beautiful red glass, with an umbrella.

Christmas morning brunch! I wanted to put our drinks in festive glasses, and luckily Elizabeth has these scarlet flutes.

While we made Mimosas for ourselves, Max got this mocktail Faux-mosa. I added some stevia to his, to sweeten it, and it tasted like a creamsicle! Ours was great, but I had a little “cocktail envy” this morning.


  • Juice from 5 clementines

  • Seltzer to fill the glass

  • 5 drops stevia

  • Umbrella (or other fun garnish)


  • Squeeze the clementines into the glass.
  • Fill the rest of the way with seltzer, and add stevia.
  • Stir lightly (lightly!) so you don’t agitate the carbonation (you don’t want to see what I did with mine!).
  • Pick the most fun garnish you have.
  • Toast and enjoy!
Enjoyed on December 25

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