The Alooo! is a cocktail for dogs - in a short glass, garnished with chicken jerky dog treats.

This is a cocktail for dogs. I’m not sure what to call this particular category of drink – “dog tail” seems too twee. It’s more than a “mocktail.” Anyway, in case there was any doubt, Pandemic Pub is a full-service operation!

This drink is truly something only a dog could love. Anchovy paste that’s been in the fridge for too long (I suspect), and the chicken-flavored dog treat garnish are the main attractions.

The name was inspired by a series of dog training videos taught by Jean Donaldson. She advises to teach your dog to come by using a special word and then rewarding the dog with lots of high-value treats when they successfully respond. She calls this treat-giving a “party.” Not wanting to come home is, unfortunately, a huge weakness of Pabu’s, so this was an important tool for us. We threw him a lot of chicken parties. Yelling “Aloooooo!” is our special party word.

Pabu is mostly a chicken guy, but he loved this fishy cocktail. I didn’t really think about it when I garnished his drink (“Things I Never Thought I’d Say” for $400, please, Alex!), but of course he wanted to pull it out of the cocktail and bring it to his special “treat rug” so he could enjoy it alone. The thing is, his treat rug is the same thing as “our regular rug.” So this chicken stick dripping with anchovies was trotted around and slobbered over, but what are you going to do? He was happy to lick the cocktail smudges off the rug, but I hadn’t thought that one through completely.

It was a hit for sure. Sound up and Alooooo!


  • Anchovy paste, to taste

  • Cream

  • Milk

  • Garnish: 2 chicken-flavored dog treats


  • Blend all but the garnish in the blender for about 10 seconds.
  • Combine 2 dog treats into one long one, just for fun, and use as garnish.
  • Get the camera ready and stand back.
Enjoyed on April 25, 2021


  1. ELIZABETH A. DENOMA06/17/2021 | Reply

    Now just the sound of the shaker causes Pabu to come running.

    • admin06/17/2021 | Reply


  2. Jamie06/24/2021 | Reply

    Looks like a yummy treat! Can't wait to try this one for my dog...I'm sure she'll love it!

    • admin06/28/2021 | Reply

      I can almost guarantee it'll be a hit, Jamie! :)

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