Dairy Barn

Pabu gazes patiently at The Dairy Barn cocktail on the counter.

More rotten hard-boiled eggs! I don’t know why that’s happened to us again, but it’s good news for Pabu!

One of the eggs and some milk went in the blender, which is one of Pabu’s favorite things now. He used to run outside because of the noise, but now he comes running toward the kitchen to see what I’m making him.

Happy Hour came early today, too, for this lucky guy. I don’t think it was even 9:00 am when I served this up.

He loved it, of course. I garnished with a pumpkin-shaped dog biscuit.


  • 1 hard-boiled egg, no longer fit for human consumption

  • A little milk

  • Pumpkin dog biscuit (garnish)


  • Blend the egg and milk in the blender until satisfied.
  • Garnish and beware of the odor of eggs…this is a treat that only a dog could love.
Thoroughly enjoyed on November 27, 2021

Manic Monday

Pabu the dog stares down the Manic Monday dog cocktail.

Indoor Dining!

Elizabeth and I went out to a restaurant for dinner. This is something we used to enjoy pre-pandemic, but we’ve cut out indoor dining for many months now. Although this wasn’t the very first time either of us had been inside a restaurant, it’s new enough that we still feel out of practice.

So out of practice, in fact, that I forgot how to order! As a vegetarian, there’s a small amount of extra attention that needs to be paid to menus. Sometimes that means asking an extra question about ingredients, or whether a dish can be made without meat. It’s not a big deal; it’s a matter of course. But it’s been so long that I forgot all that!

That’s how I ended up with large chunks of thick-cut bacon in my pasta. It wasn’t a problem, but it’s a habit I’ll have to relearn. In any case, with a small pile of bacon on a side plate, I asked for a box to bring it home to Pabu.

Pabu, meet Bacon.

It was a reaaaaal treat for him. Elizabeth said it was the first time that he’d had bacon in his life. He’s cautious as a rule when it comes to new food – which doesn’t seem very dog-like to me, but we all know that Pabu’s always been a gentleman. He approaches very slowly, sniffing lightly, then gently touches the proffered treat several times with his tongue. Then he’ll decide that it’s delicious and will devour it, usually running it over to his “treat rug” (that usually means the rug by the dining room table) so that no one will steal it from him.

I put the bacon in the blender and added hot water to make a little broth. In keeping with the meat theme, I garnished with a beef stick.

I don’t think he ever finished his cocktail this quickly.


  • Thick-cut bacon leftovers

  • Hot water

  • Favorite beef stick (garnish)


  • Add bacon and water to blender; watch your dog come running.
  • Garnish with favorite treat and watch them go nuts!
Loved on November 22, 2021

The White Hen Pantry (October 31, 2021)

Pabu the dog licks his lips in front of his garnished cocktail.

This dog cocktail was such a winner with Pabu that we served it up two days in a row!

Folks, I cannot tell a lie…while that is certainly true, it’s also true that this dog cocktail stunk to high heaven and I needed to get it out of the fridge. Pronto.

It didn’t matter to Pabu; he loves Happy Hour and doesn’t mind the same cocktail twice.


  • Chicken broth and fat, which have all inexplicably started to go bad

  • Hardboiled eggs, ditto


  • I only had to take the blended mixture out of the fridge, since we’d served Pabs half yesterday. But easy enough to make again: put all in the blender!
  • Garnish with a beef stick and enjoy!
Gobbled up on October 31, 2021

The White Hen Pantry

If there were a category for “Something Only a Dog Could Love” – this would be it, folks.

We keep chicken broth for Pabu’s food, and it was starting to turn a little bit. Not enough that a dog’s stomach couldn’t handle it, but enough to let us know to hurry it out of the fridge. The same was true for some hard-boiled that I’d just made. No idea why they’d be turning too, but this is just the kind of opportunity that Pabu waits for.

The lucky guy got a pretty stinky cocktail which he really liked. There were so many puns available, based on the chicken and egg theme, but we ultimately went with White Hen Pantry as a nod to our Chicago-area roots.


  • Stinky chicken broth

  • Suspiciously stinky hard-boiled eggs


  • Throw everything in the blender.
  • Garnish with a dog treat and watch your pup enjoy!
Gobbled up on October 30, 2021

Pooch Punch on the Porch

Bruno and Whiskey separately drink their dog cocktails!

This road trip has allowed the Pandemic Pub to bring cocktails to more dogs! We love it!

Here are Bruno and Whiskey, who have been friends of the Pandemic Pub from way back. I’m delighted to finally make them an original Pandemic Pub cocktail.

Mark, their dad, advised about their palate and preferences, and together we constructed this cocktail. I was never one who enjoyed salami, but this cocktail smelled pretty good, all things considered. It was a huge hit!

Even though Bruno and Whiskey are best friends, Mark suggested that we separate them, so a dog fight didn’t ruin Happy Hour. He was right because you can see Bruno’s intense stare over at Whiskey’s cocktail. Bruno was quick to finish his, while Whiskey took his time. Whiskey’s a gentleman.

My friend Whiskey. He ran out of a wildfire and leapt into a fireman’s arms. He was named after the quadrant of the fire where Gary rescued him.
My friend Bruno, Whiskey’s brother. He’s a big, unapologetic baby, and I love him.

Bruno was so eager – and noisy! Check him out, eying Whiskey’s remaining cocktail.

In case anyone is wondering, I played the videos after everyone went to bed, for my own enjoyment. This woke Bruno out of a deep sleep, and he whirled around to see where the sound of a dog slurping up a cocktail was coming from!


  • Salami slices, about 7 oz.

  • Chicken buillon, about 2 Tbsp.

  • 1 c. water

  • 5 carrots

  • 1 egg

  • Garnish – dog biscuits and beef jerky


  • Put all ingredients (except garnishes) in blender. Add more water if needed, to thin out mixture.
  • Garnish with biscuits and jerky.
  • This recipe makes two – separate the pups if you need to, and watch them enjoy!
Gobbled up on September 27, 2021

Who’s a Good Boy?

Pabu is trying so hard to be a good boy!!
Yes, you are a good boy!!

Over here at the Pandemic Pub, it was about time to spoil our dog again!

We had some leftover pumpkin purée from Pabu’s birthday, which I combined with the grease left in the pan from when we made Beyond Burgers. And if you think a dog might not like grease from vegetarian burgers – well, I’m sorry, but you’re wrong.

I was hoping this would have a nice sweet-savory contrast between the pumpkin and the salty grease. We garnished with his preferred beef medallion (a new brand; he still loves it) and that’s how we kept our dog happy this week at the Pandemic Pub!

You can see him enjoying his cocktail below. He loves to take the garnish and run away with it. We always laugh about this…as if we would take it back!


  • Pumpkin purée, approx 1 c.

  • Pan grease (ours was from vegetarian burgers), approx 3 Tbsp

  • Broth, enough to thin the mixture

  • Beef medallion, to garnish


  • Put all ingredients except for garnish into a blender. Blend; thin as needed.
  • Garnish with Pabu’s favorite treat.
  • Watch in adoration as he gets excited about his cocktail.
Lapped up on September 12, 2021

Birthday Boy

A dog licks his lips while surveying his birthday cocktail.

Over here at the Pandemic Pub, we love dogs. We especially adore our dog, Pabu, and the little guy just had a birthday!

Of course, our pack planned a little something. It involved a cake that Max and his friend Finn baked and frosted. Nice job, guys! In case anyone has their own furry friend with something to celebrate, you can find the Spoiled Dog Cake Recipe (possibly the most descriptive name in the world!) here.

Pabu also had to look the part! Dapper as ever.

And, of course, we made him a cocktail. It took a bit of thinking to come up with a new flavor. Though as Elizabeth has pointed out, he’d be perfectly happy with the tried-and-true. I thought this one would be extra-special because of the meat and peanut butter combination. In case you’re wondering if that’s something only a dog could love, have you ever had a peanut butter and bacon sandwich?

Go try that right now. I’ll wait.

We’d made Beyond Burgers the night before, and I saved the pan grease for this guy. In the past, sometimes we’ve put a little bit over his food, but this time it was reserved for his special cocktail. A little peanut butter to go with that, and some milk to thin it out.

Officially, it was a vegetarian cocktail, and I guess I could’ve had one with him!

Anyway, you can see what a good boy Pabu was, being very patient while salivating over the prospect of his cocktail. Happy Birthday, Pabu!


  • approx 1 1/2 Tbsp pan grease from cooking Beyond Burgers

  • approx 2 Tbsp peanut butter

  • 1 c. milk

  • Beef dog treat – garnish


  • Blend ingredients together; add more liquid if needed to thin it out.
  • Garnish with your pup’s favorite treat and stand back!
  • Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy!
Devoured on August 28, 2021

Arctic Fox

Pabu tries very hard to be patient in front of his cocktail, but the strain shows on his face.

Look how hard Pabu’s trying to be patient! He can hardly hold it in though…

We often call Pabu our little Arctic Fox because of his white fur. When we treated him with this ice cream-based cocktail, we decided it needed the same name…get it? It’s also cold and white, like an Arctic Fox?


  • Peanut butter dog ice cream

  • Milk


  • Blend in a blender, using as much milk as needed to thin it out.
  • If you try to take a picture or video, but your dog is upset at the delay, don’t take it personally, he just can’t wait for the treat!
  • Enjoy watching your dog wolf it down (I apologize for the bad jokes today)!
Enjoyed on August 14, 2021

Pabu’s Tongue Tester

The cutest dog in the world licks the last of his dog cocktail.

I almost wasn’t quick enough to get these photos of Pabu’s drink. We had some outdoor guests over and gave Pabu something special too: chicken and milk.

Pabu's Tongue Tester is a white cocktail, served on the porch, with a beef garnish.


  • Chicken fat and broth

  • Milk

  • Beef medallion garnish


  • Combine in blender; garnish with dog treat and let your dog enjoy!
Enjoyed on August 5, 2021

The Three Gifts

Look how long Pabu's tongue is, as he laps up his pumpkin cocktail!

The three gifts here are the three ingredients in Pabu’s dog cocktail: peanut butter, pumpkin and milk.

The Three Gifts cocktail is thick and orange, dripping down the side of the glass and garnished with a beef medallion.

As I carried this to the front door to go out on the porch, he danced ahead of me the whole way, twirling around and encouraging me on.

He is really the sweetest little guy, as you can see:

Look how good and patient he is! He eats like a gentleman lol.


  • 2 Tbsp. Peanut butter

  • Scoop of pumpkin puree

  • Milk, to thin out

  • Garnish: beef medallion (Pabu’s fave)


  • Blend all except the medallion in a blender until smooth.
  • Garnish and enjoy being the life of your dog’s party!
Enjoyed on August 2, 2021